Jesse Reese :: Software Engineer :: Musician

I’m a passionate full-stack software engineer with a focus on web development and over 10 years of professional experience. My dedication to staying current with the latest open-source technologies has allowed me to develop a diverse skill set in cutting-edge programming languages and frameworks.

With extensive experience in front-end development, I have honed my skills in Angular, a popular JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. My back-end development expertise includes proficiency in NodeJS, ExpressJS, and NestJS, which are widely used for creating scalable server-side applications.

I have a solid background in REST API development, Symfony2, Drupal 8, and OOP PHP5.6+, making me a valuable candidate for web development projects that require seamless integration of various technologies. My strong foundation in databases, such as MySQL and MongoDB, and my familiarity with message-broker systems like RabbitMQ and Kafka, enables me to build robust, data-driven applications.

In addition to my web development skills, I am well-versed in Git, AWS, Serverless Framework, EC2, S3, and Docker (compose/swarm), which are essential tools for efficient deployment and content delivery. My experience in systems administration, including DevOps/SysOps, Microsoft & Linux server solutions, network architecture, and virtualization, adds further value to my professional profile.

As a collaborative and adaptable team player, I enjoy working with others to create positive working environments and drive projects to new heights. I am committed to contributing my extensive knowledge and experience in full-stack web development to help businesses succeed in the digital age, while always remaining open to learning and growth.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!