Jesse Reese :: Software Engineer :: Musician

About Me

I’m a full stack software engineer with 10+ years in web development, utilizing a wide array of web technologies. As well as constantly seeking out emergent open source technologies.

I have extensive experience with these technologies:

  • Front-end: Javascript ES6+, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Angular 2+
  • Back-end: NestJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, REST API Development, Symfony2, Drupal 8, OOP PHP5.6+, PHPUnit, Bash
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Message-Broker: RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • Version control: GIT
  • Deployment & CDN: Serverless Framework, AWS, EC2, S3, Docker (compose/swarm)

I also have experience in systems administration (DevOps/SysOps), various Microsoft & Linux server solutions, network architecture, and virtualization.

Professional Experience

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 2021 – March 2022
Phoenix, AZ. Nov 2019 – Sept 2021

  • Designed and implemented various large scale Rest API’s from the ground up,
    interfacing with Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA) platform using
    NestJS (Typescript/Express/Node) with Serverless Framework integrated for
    AWS deployment.
Phoenix, AZ. March 2019 – Nov 2019

  • Implementing new features for our primary Angular application, as well as refactoring existing functionality.
  • Introduced industry standard development practices through the use of automated tooling such as SonarQube and more in depth code reviews.
  • Work with the business to help plan and groom tasks coming down the pipeline.
Phoenix, AZ. July 2018 – Feb 2019

  • Worked with multiple departments to help implement a new user preference feature using AngularJS for the frontend, as well as wiring up new REST API endpoints to fetch data from our Java based gateway using ES6 JavaScript / NodeJS.
  • Helped support the production environment by addressing/resolving high impact issues, using Splunk / Trackjs for debugging/logging.
  • Worked to increase code coverage, in Angular using Jasmine, and in the backend Node API using primarily Chai and Sinon.
  • Using Angular 5 to migrate a third-party payment gateway to an inhouse solution.
Phoenix, AZ. October 2017 – July 2018

  • Developed a wide array of containerized NodeJS microservices using Docker. These services would be components of a larger pipeline, parsing and storing data to the central MySQL database. Communication between services was achieved either with Kafka or REST.
  • Utilized AWS S3’s SDK to develop a reusable file storage/retrieval service.
  • Built out the Kafka Node component to be used within multiple services.
  • Worked on migrating a monolith legacy Angular/Koa application over to our standard practice microservice architecture.


Las Vegas, NV. October 2016 – Sept 2017

  • Designed and implemented a microservice pipeline for receiving/handling Race/Sports data from a third-party datastream via a web socket. This included building out a Node Socket server to handle and parse out the incoming XML messages into JSON, then sending down the pipeline via RabbitMQ for further processing.
  • Built an internal app / API for processing old member receipts, allowing members to receive points for past purchases. Client side using Angular 2 communicating to a Node API service to fetch/store data within a MSSQL database, as well as MongoDB.
  • Worked with multiple teams to develop a micro service generator to help streamline/standardize development. All services were developed using Typescript.
Los Angeles, CA. April 2016 – July 2016

  • Developed an internal media storage application using Drupal 8, to be used not only for organizational purposes but also for presenting various media items (Posters, Videos, Web banners, etc) for clients to view multiple versions. Along with viewing, comment, approve/reject, as well as a wide range of features for internal users to edit / admin content and users.
  • This project involved custom module development using PHP5.6, as well ES6 JavaScript to facilitate client side functionality.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA. June 2014 – April 2016

  • Worked primarily as a part of the full-stack team developing various features consisting of extending backend Symfony services, as well as front end modifications using EmberJS.
  • Implemented the shipping obligations feature to, this consisted of developing new backend services, as well as frontend components.
  • Refactored a new solution for modifying all SKU pricing for specific events/sals, this included “Clear the Rack” which needed to reduce all 500,000+ SKUs 20%, then revert after the sale. This was implemented using a custom Bash script / MySQL function.
  • Implemented’s integration with Google Analytics (user activity, event tracking, cookie data collection, multiple funnel implementations, etc.
West Los Angeles, CA. Sep 2013 – May 2014

  • Refactor and optimize various components within their Drupal based CMS.
  • Develop new functionality (Module & Theme) based on requirements from Editorial and Product.
Beverly Hills, CA. Jun 2013 – Sep 2013

  • Developed a system that emailed notifications to customers with credit cards that had or were about to expire.
  • Heavily refactored and simplified the system that generated web performance reports for the company’s partners.
Carson, CA. Feb 2012 – May 2013

  • Developed an open source REST API client for customers.
  • Maintained the company REST API, customer-facing admin site and all web-based internal applications.
  • Architected, built and maintained the Network infrastructure for 80 users.
Anywhere. Aug 2008 – Present

  • Worked on various projects with Web Instinct (Saratoga NY) and (Santa Monica CA).
  • Custom theme/plugin development within Codeigniter, Concrete5 and WordPress.